Residential Services

Hancock Pool Services offers a wide range of residential pool services including, but not limited to:

New Construction
Tile Repair, Replacement and Re-Grouting
Professional Tile Cleaning
Complete Renovations
Coping Replacement, Repairs
Acid and Power Washing
Deck Coatings
Drain and Clean
All Equipment Replacement and Repairs
Leak Detection
Weekly Cleaning and Chemical Maintenance
Filter Cleaning
Equipment Check and Inspections
Plumbing and Filtration System
LED Lighting
Pool Light and Fixture Replacement and Repairs
Slide Installation and Repair
Deck Expansion Joint/Mastic Installation and Replacement
Deck Repair and Installation
Equipment Sales and Installation
All Equipment Replacement and Repairs
Main Drain Cover Replacement
Salt Systems
UV Systems
Pool Covers
Deck Coatings
Leak Repair
Crack Repair
Epoxy Injection
Skimmer Replacement and Repairs
Heater Installation/Repair
Automatic Chemical Feeders
Chemical Controller Equipment
Automatic Pool Cleaners
Water Features
LED Lighting
Pool Lifts
Beam Repair and Re-Level Pool